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Our Approach

We want every
patient to understand their medical care.

How do you make it quick and easy to share evidence, which often comes in the form of complex statistics?

Currently, almost all information resources - leaflets or popular websites - consist of lots of words. They’re designed for someone to take away and read.

The average reading
age in the UK is 9 years.

But decisions are made through conversation at the point of care.

And if you’ve ever been to a presentation, talk or lecture where the presenter read off their slides, you know that text won’t help in the clinic room.

A good set of slides to accompany a talk consists of impactful pictures and numbers, which highlight the most important information. We know that approach supports understanding and recall.

So why don’t we use pictures and numbers in our clinics to support shared decision-making?

Our Resources

Vesalian resources use pictures and numbers to support communication of key information.

We create the resources by curating data from the most trusted, high-quality evidence sources - systematic reviews and meta-analyses.

Our user-centred designs are supported by evidence from the field of behavioural science. They are designed to support conversations at the point of care.

As something for patients to take away, the resources become the evidence-based launchpad to access further, trusted resources.

For Clinicians


Feel confident that you have fulfilled your legal and ethical duties to practice evidence-based medicine and deliver patient-centred care

For Patients


Understand the options available to you


Standardise quality of communication in multi-professional and multi-disciplinary teams

Information at hand

Use intuitive information to form and share opinions and ask questions


Quickly and easily document discussion of the benefits and common and serious adverse events of a treatment

Your starting point

Take away the resource, to review the important information, explain it to your family or carers and use it as a starting point to learn more from sources your doctor trusts

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